So who has the time to write Blog posts?

We all lead very busy lives with a lot going on. You have work commitments, School commitments, children, holidays, travel and so much more. You already paid some tech boffin $7000 to build a website for you. Why on earth would you consider doing regular blog posts?

Well what if I told you that blog posts can help you bring huge traffic to your website and make money for you while you sleep? Yes, that’s right. Money while you sleep.

Have look at this video from these guys. These two guys from the US are killing it and in this video, they clearly break down the golden rules of blogging and how it can dramatically improve your website traffic. Here’s a spoiler ‘Google loves long blogs’.

Here's a summary of the points in this great video.

  • Back linking doesn’t work all that well.
  • Write long Blogs. 2000 words or more.
  • Don’t worry so much about trying to trick Google with links. Focus on the content.
  • Try to write blog posts that are “evergreen”, this means they will always be relevant and will not date. You will notice we have removed the date stamp from the blog posts on this site 🙂

You need to be producing good quality content.

When you produce good content Google will find your site and then the links and the subsequent traffic to your site will happen organically. Be patient. It will take a few months but eventually Googles bots will find your content and then you will enjoy a sudden rise in your website traffic. Keep an eye on your Google analytics dashboard.

Add pictures

Sprinkle pictures throughout your post to break up the text. And don’t just use a photo that you snapped on your phone and that your friends told you is a great Instagram banger. Use professionally designed artwork from a stock photo website. We use Freepik, register for a paid account, download the photos to your computer and save each photo with it’s the corresponding license to a folder inside your local website folder. This way when you get audited by Getty’s copyright bots crawling the web (yes it has happened to us) you will have your license to show and you can rest easy. Poaching photos from Google images is the worst thing you can do these days.

Stock photography

Use Grammarly

Grammarly is a free spelling and grammar checking tool. It works very well with Wordpress. Grammarly will check your work as you go and clean up any of those embarrassing spelling and grammar errors before you hit that publish button and send it out to the world.

Ask your webmaster to have look at your site in Google search console.

This tool shows you where your site ranks in the Google search for the same relevant terms, The search terms people used to find your site, The click through ratio, who's linking to your site and more. Ask for reports from Google search console. Save these reports at your end and analyse them over time.

Use a sidebar

Place a sidebar on your blog with widgets. These widgets that you see in the sidebar here are passive income earning widgets. They also help to link to other websites of interest to your readers.

Count your words

After you’ve made your blog post paste the link over in Web Page Word Counter. Try to get your blog up to the 2000 word mark. Here’s a tip. Save the page as a draft after each revision, take a few days to write it. Once you’re happy with the post then publish it to your site.

Share, Share, Share

Now that you’ve written your great blog post you need to get out there and promote it so as to drive traffic to your article on your website. Share your post on all the social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, your Mailchimp list etc. Take the time to do it well with hashtags and keywords and a nice featured image. Yes, it’s exhausting particularly now that you’ve just finished your epic 3000-word post but this will pay off for you down the line in terms of clicks on your site.

Blogging ability with easy author dashboard panels are standard in the website package offered here at Aus Digital Media. Here’s a link for more information.

Encourage comments

After you have successfully promoted your blog to your audience you want to have people interact with your blog article. Interaction drives hits. And Hits drive your Google rating. So all through your article you want to sprinkle in the terms “Comment below as we would like to hear your opinion.

Get started

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