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Let’s talk about brand strategy today. What is brand strategy and how can it help your business? Brand strategy is identifying who you are as a brand, identifying who your ideal client is, identifying your target goals, implementing digital systems and strategies to achieve these goals. So when would you conduct a brand strategy campaign for your business? Typically, it would be when you’re launching a new business or when you were heading into a new year for your business. So let’s talk about a case in point. This week I had a discussion with a new prospect who was talking about doing some brand strategy with us.
Now the customer has recently paid someone to put up a website. Now the website was put up in a pretty basic fashion and I’m assuming for a little outlay, very few dollars. The customer has been lumped with a website in which he has no idea how to put content on and how to operate the website. So what has happened there? The customer has gone to try to implement a strategy on his own thinking, “Okay, first I want to do the logo, then I’m going to do the website and then I’m going to hit the marketplace. I don’t really know how I’m going to do it, but I’ll just get stuck into it and we’ll see how it goes.”
So just getting stuck into it and seeing how it goes means he has employed a cheap website designer or rather maybe not a cheap designer, but has done the job on the cheap and ended up with a shell of a website without all the content that it needs to have, without all the strategy that a website needs to have and without all the systems that a website needs to have, and entered into the marketplace and just tried to figure it out. Now a much better way to go guys would, if you could afford it and if you have the resources to do it, is to conduct a brand strategy campaign first. We will do that with you.
It’s not cheap. Generally it costs about the same as building a website. You would conduct a brand strategy campaign for about the same price. But you want to do that before you start a logo, before you pay for a website, you want to get a brand strategy organized. It will basically be the roadmap for business for the next period of time the next one, two or three years. Now, had the client done that, he would have had a plan which would have said make a website and the website needs to do A, B, C, D, and E. So guys, I encourage all of you to look into brand strategy.
You can get some more information on ausdigitalmedia.com. Just click on the menu above on services and click on brand strategy. It’ll enlighten you as to the power of having a good strategy for your business before you get stuck into the nuts and bolts of the deliverables, deliverables being a logo, a website and the bits and pieces that make up a business. If you need any help with brand strategy, reach out via the link above or below. Thanks for much.