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Hey guys, a quick tip to help you with your business. Now let’s talk about collaboration. Collaboration is a great way to attract new clients outside of your regular circles, your regular network. Now what do I mean by collaboration? I mean leveraging other people’s client base, other businesses’ client base to your advantage and vice versa. Offering your client base to other businesses. They can do this through guest posting or guest vlogging or guest blogging, whether it be video or written word. Now I’m talking about doing blogging on a client’s website. I have a client who recently had some work done by my agency and I reached out to this client after a period of time and I said, you know what, your clients are my ideal clients as well. How about we do a collaboration? I’ll write a blog on everything to do with digital marketing on your website, on your blog, and you can do the same on my website.
Now I also have businesses regularly write on my blog, the Aus Digital Media blog about all things to do with digital marketing, and it works really well. So it helps us get our regular content out there through the avenue of guest authors. It basically costs you no time at all. So when you’re considering collaboration, just remember that you want to collaborate with someone who has your ideal target audience. I hope that helps you guys. Reach out via the link above or below if you’d like to chat further.

Thanks for very much.