In this article, we will cover the following topics;

  1. Digital Marketing Definition,

  2. Digital Marketing Examples

  3. How To Do Digital Marketing

  4. Digital Marketing Trends

  5. A Digital Marketing Template

  6. A Digital Marketing Example

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing by definition is simply putting your business in front of customers in a digital form. This can be in the way of search engine optimisation (SEO), Advertising on social media platforms, Search engine advertising or a combination of all these and many more.

In the old days before the internet, we relied on printed media, billboards, cinema and alike in order to get your brand in front of consumers.

These days with everyone carrying around a mobile computer in their pocket we have access to consumers and businesses alike 24/7.

Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful tools for business today. With the ability to narrow down your target audience on social media advertising like facebook, for example, you can isolate only the customer that you want to target and not waste your valuable advertising dollars on a broad spray and pray type advertising campaign like yesteryear.

Digital Marketing Definition


Digital Marketing Examples

Some of the most popular digital marketing examples today are Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), Facebook ads, Youtube Ads and direct mailing campaigns like MailChimp. You also have Instagram paid campaigns and then you can diverge off into micro influencer campaigns. A micro influencer is someone on social media who has a large following and would be willing to do a “Shout out” for your product and or service. These shout-outs are usually paid and that’s how the micro influencer makes money in the social media realm.

These are the mainstream widely known digital marketing platforms but there are many others worth looking at and worth using on a regular basis. These tools should be used together with a digital marketing strategy. See more below.

How To Do Digital Marketing

The best way to do digital marketing is to hire a digital agency like Aus Digital Media. Many people are tempted to try digital marketing themselves simply because anyone with a Facebook or You tube account has acces to advertising tools and are bombarded with suggestions to advertise by the platforms themselves.

But be warned. Trying digital marketing yourself without a digital marketing strategy is very similar to the spray and pray type advertising of the past. you may find yourself wasting money if you are not careful.

A professional digital marketing agency will have suggestions on essential items like Keywords, Marketing funnels, Landing pages, Remarketing, Timed follow-ups and more.

The ability to access your consumer with digital info is only part of the task at hand. You must have a digital marketing strategy to accompany it.

How To Do Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends tend to come and go but one of the most popular at the moment is the facebook feed special offer. This is usually done in conjunction with the use of Facebook Pixel. What is facebook pixel you ask? It is simply a short line of code that Facebook generates from any Facebook ad account. This small line of code allows Facebook to gather data on who has visited your website and what pages they visited. This data can then be used to craft a Facebook ad campaign and target only people who have visited your site or only people who have not visited your site etc. This can be taken a step further with the use of remarketing. What is remarketing you ask? Remarketing is targeting users who have already had an interaction with your website. You remarket to them via the data gathered with the Facebook pixel. You could for example say to Facebook “Only show this special offer to users who have visited my site in the last 7 days”. Then the remarketing offer could be something like a video that says “Hi and thanks for visiting our website, here’s a special offer just for you” and follow with a coupon code or a free giveaway.

We run a digital agency with multiple ad accounts and multiple websites so we use the big brother to Facebook Ads called Facebook business.

What is Facebook Pixel?

A Digital Marketing Template

We use a couple of set marketing templates that tend to work very well. Here is an illustration of a digital marketing funnel. Below is an explanation of how to use it for your digital marketing needs.

Step 1 in the digital marketing funnel… to optimise the website so it is appealing to search engines. This is done with a wide number of improvements to the site. For example. Making sure the load speed is fast. Adding caching plugins, Adding a sitemap to Google, Registering with Google Search Console, Registering with Google analytics, optimising images so they load fast, adding keywords. The list goes on and on and is very extensive. This is known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. SEO is essential for starting a digital marketing funnel and should not be glossed over. We offer a Free Website Performance Report to get you started in the right direction.

Step 2 in the digital marketing funnel…

… is to provide a high-value offer to the market place. If you have an information-based website this could be done in the form of blog posts, just like this one. Or you could offer a high-value offer like a free gift, a trial service or a coupon.
Then you combine this high-value offer with marketing. That is where an agency comes in. The agency does all the work for you. See our service here.
In regards to content, it has been proven that Google recommends web pages that offer value and answers to questions. But it’s not enough to simply write a short blog once a month with your personal opinion on a particular subject. A blog post must be carefully planned out and strategically written just as a marketing campaign would be undertaken.

Our blog posts are crafted using the tools behind Google Trends, Google Keywords, Google Search and more. Then we add high-quality relevant images and optimise these images for the search engine. Also added are the metadata and the length of the blog post is also crucial, the longer the better in Googles eyes.

You should be posting fresh content just like this article you are reading now at least twice a month. It does take time and energy but it is very important if you want to succeed in digital marketing.

Writing blog posts on a consistent basis has proven challenging for our customers so we offer a service to do this for you.

Step 3 in the digital marketing funnel…

…is conversion. We use a system that again has been proven to work and converts hits to a website into sales through the e-commerce system. You can have the best website in the world but at the end of the day, an e-commerce based website is about making sales via traffic conversions. A well-designed website will make money for your business even when you are sleeping.

the Khmer Light Organisation

A Digital Marketing Example

Here is a case study for you.

We are managing a Facebook Marketing campaign for the Khmer Light Organisation. This campaign has a strategy behind it. The strategy breaks down like this. We made a video about the purpose of the charity. This video is then targeted specifically to the top 2 countries that show visits to the website via Google Analytics. Then within those 2 countries, we narrowed down our target audience with the use of the Facebook Ads insights tool to people who show interest in charities in their Facebook data, people who are of an age group that Facebook suggests will be suitable, people who show interest in Cambodian issues across facebook and so on. This allowed us to narrow our audience down to only a few areas in Australia and the United States.

It was interesting to find that the majority of people showing interest in the top ranking Cambodian Facebook Pages lived in the areas of Longbeach California USA. It’s possible that there is a Khmer community living in that area who have daily interest in Cambodian topics and current affairs on Facebook. Comment below if you can support this 🙂

With this pre-campaign data sourcing, we are able to maximise the advertising budget and achieve the best cost per click ratio.

The Khmer Light Organisation

Now with the data gathered by Facebook Pixel embedded onto the website, we will be able to track who has visited the chosen landing page used in the video campaign, then retarget to them in a week or so with a specific follow up or “Remarketing” campaign. This remarketing campaign might be a short video saying “Thanks for taking the time to visit the Khmer Light Organisation website, Here’s an incentive for you to become a regular donor”.

You can see in this image we were able to ask Facebook what is the education level of people who are interested in Cambodian topics on Facebook. We can then see that 65% have a college degree listed in their profile. So that means we can exclude people who have a High School or Grad School Degree listed as their educational level in their profile.

Facebook Ad Audience Filter

We can also see that the majority of people interested in charitable events and causes on Facebook are female. This gives us the info we need to choose if we want to only advertise to females.

Finally, we track the performance of the target website by using Dynamic Website Reporting. This multi page data report gives the client live interactive information on what’s happening with their website. The client can check where the hits are coming from, what are the top pages visited. What are the top referring countries and more. With this data, we can evaluate the marketing campaigns performance and tweak the next campaign if we need to.

It is important to have this independent report as opposed to just using the reports delivered by Facebook or by Google Ads etc. You want to be monitoring your campaign’s performance without the potentially biased or influenced view of the advertising platform that you are paying in the first place.

Our clients have found these dynamic reports to be a valuable addition to their business. Clients can login at any time of the day or night and see live reporting on all aspects of not only their campaign but all the information on their websites day to day performance.

Consider adding an automated sales funnel on your site that will sell for you when you sleep. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up your own sales funnel.

So you can now see the power of a well-orchestrated strategic marketing campaign. The power behind digital marketing really is so much better than the old school traditional forms of marketing. Digital Marketing is a very powerful business tool that all business should take advantage of. If you would like to get started on our proven marketing strategy, the digital marketing funnel then click the button here. The first step in analysing the performance of your website is free.