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How did I achieve an 84% growth in revenue in the last 12 months? Guys, I run a digital agency here in Melbourne, Australia. We deal with things like website design, SEO, digital marketing, website maintenance and photography and video. Now, I achieved an 84% growth in revenue in the last 12 months by not only working my ass off. And I’m talking starting work at 3:00 AM, 4:00 AM every day, five to six days a week, sometimes seven days a week, and working 12, 13, 14-hour days, which I’ve done most of my life. I’m now 47 years old and I still love working. I love working my ass off and I love completing projects and having that satisfaction of completing a huge project, putting it away, starting the next one. I love it. I love working. I never plan to retire.
Let me tell you how I achieved this result, and here’s a screenshot of my accounting software. Now, this is comparing today’s date to the same time last year, and you can see that there’s an 84% increase in revenue. I’m not going to show you the revenue because that’s classified. Now, if you’re a regular subscriber to this channel, you will know how I achieved these results. It’s through content marketing, Facebook Groups and word of mouth. Now, the content marketing, guys, video, putting it out on YouTube, putting it out on Facebook, LinkedIn, doing posts on Instagram, pulling people back to my blog, establishing myself and my small team as authority in the field. So, when someone needs an answer on website design, on digital marketing, on SEO, on photography, on video, they know where to go, they know who to call.
Now, the other thing I did was Facebook Groups. Guys, I constantly troll these Facebook Groups, for lack of a better word. I’m talking to business groups in my area where people are looking for expertise in a certain field. And when I see a post asking for expertise in my field, I offered my advice, usually the first snippet of advice free or the first small job free. Then we establish trust and people buy from who they trust. So, once the trust is established and I do the job on time, I don’t charge them for the small job. They give me the next job, which is a larger job, and I get paid.
Guys, it’s not difficult to understand. I urge you to get into content marketing. If you own a video camera, which everyone does, it’s in your pocket, you can do content marketing. Have the balls to stand out online, stand in front of the camera, put yourself online and be vulnerable. It will pay off in spades. It is hard work, but guys, it does pay off. If I can help you with anything at all, please reach out via the link above or below.

Thanks very much.