In this article, we discuss the best camera for vlogging in 2021.

We cover the following topics.

  1. Why you need to be vlogging
  2. The best budget vlogging camera
  3. The best Canon vlogging camera
  4. The best Sony vlogging camera
  5. The best Nikon vlogging camera
  6. The best smartphone for vlogging

Let’s talk about why you need to be vlogging. Simply put, vlogging brings eyeballs to your content. The majority of users on the internet these days consume more video content than ever before. Sure written content like this article you are reading now is important. But when you embed a vlog into your written article it becomes an SEO powerhouse. What does that mean? It means search engines like Google will favour your content when it has a video portion to it. Not to mention you can pull users from YouTube to your website with a “read more at this link” type deal.

Let’s talk about some stats shall we?

As discussed in detail in this article, video content is one of the strongest digital marketing tools that any business owner can use.

Video content will make up 82% of consumer web traffic by 2020. (Source: Cisco)


Shoppers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. (Source: Responsive Inbound Marketing).

The Sony FDRX3000

The best budget vlogging camera

Well this topic really depends on what you class as a budget camera.
For the purposes of this article let’s keep our budget under the $1000 AUD mark.
And for the purpose of this article lets assume that you want to buy new instead of used. If you did want to buy used then there are some excellent older cameras available on marketplaces like Facebook Market and Ebay.

There are quite a few contenders that fall into this bracket. Most people probably think of the GoPro when they think of entry-level vlogging cameras. The GoPro is great but because of it’s compact design it’s best used as a B roll or action camera. A GoPro simply won’t give you the pixel quality and audio quality you need.

Your best option here will be the Sony FDRX3000.

With 4k resolution, built-in wifi, GPS and waterproof hosing its a rugged go-anywhere camera for the busy vlogger.

If you needed any more proof of what this little powerhouse can do then have a look at the YouTube channels of two of the most successful vloggers on the internet right now. Harald Balder and Bald and Bankrupt. These 2 good mates put their cameras through all levels of punishment during their worldwide travels. Their cameras seem to always bounce back for more.

For a very reasonable price of around $500 AUD at the time of writing this article, the Sony FDRX3000 is a strong contender in the budget vlogging camera market.

Harald Balder
Bald and Bankrupt

The best Canon vlogging camera

The Canon G7X mark3

So let’s start talking brands. Everyone wants to know whats the best vlogging camera within the line up of the major brands. Ok then, let’s start with Canon. In this authors opinion the best Canon vlogging camera right now is the Canon G7X mark3. It is my everyday camera and my vlogging camera all in one. I take it everywhere every day. This thing is a beast. It has so many good features. 4 x slow-mo video at 1080, excellent 4k video, excellent raw stills, great colors and all in a tiny slim design.

Combine this unit with a cage from Small Rig and you really have options. I’ve attached a small light and a Rode microphone. This makes it possible to capture high-quality video footage with great audio even in windy conditions.

Just one thing to be aware of is that the camera will overheat when shooting video in 4k for anything more than a few minutes at a time. If you’re only shooting small clips then stringing them together in an editing suite you’ll be fine.

Here’s a video from popular vlogger Jayo Nation. Matt uses a Canon G7x3 attached to his trike bicycle while travelling around the world.

The best Sony vlogging camera

When it comes to the best Sony vlogging camera there is a new standout contender.

The Sony ZV_1

Take a look at this info video of the Sony ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 has a number of standout features that make it a very smart choice for vloggers.

With the click of a button, you can go from shallow depth of field to deep depth of field thanks to the 1.4 Zeiss lens. The product showcase feature is a great addition too. Again this is activated with the click of a button. This feature is well overdue on vlogging cameras. Basically, the product showcase feature plays around with the autofocus settings. It changes the settings of the camera quickly allowing the user to set the focus on the foreground object. This is a great feature for any vlogger that has a product review channel. Throw in articulating screen, the forward-facing red light so you know when you’re recording, the windscreen that comes with the camera, the multi-function grip that converts to a tripod and you have a serious vlogging camera.

The best Nikon vlogging camera

When it comes to the best Nikon one model keeps popping up in all the online discussions.

The Nikon Z50

Have a look at this video review of the Nikon Z50

So right off the bat. Nikon is not known for its contributions to the vlogging sector. Their camera range was and still is aimed at the pro and semi-pro stills photographer. But if you’re a hardcore Nikon fan and you don’t want to spend thousands on a Z5 then this one might be for you. Nikon markets this as “perfect for vloggers” on their Z50 promo page.

It has 4K, but it doesn’t have IS. It does have excellent face exposure metering, but it doesn’t have a side articulating screen.

The screen flipping down could be a deal-breaker for some vloggers as they can’t attach a tripod and still see what’s in the frame. But for the price of $1600 AUD including a kit lens this is a decent competitor in the vlogging sector.

The best smartphone for vlogging

When it comes to the best smartphone fr vlogging there’s a clear winner right now.

The iPhone 12

What can we say? Apple fan boys and girls are geeking out right now and probably for good reason. If you can afford it there’s a clear winner in the smartphone for vloggers category right now. The iPhone 12 (Pro) with it’s l;ist of remarkable features does away with the need to carry a big heavy DSLR camera around with you. Just check out the impressive list of specs below.

  • Pro 12-megapixel camera system: Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras
  • Optical image stabilisation for video (Wide and Telephoto)
  • HDR video recording with Dolby Vision at up to 60 fps
  • 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps
  • Audio zoom
  • Slow-motion video support for 1080p at 120 fps or 240 fps
  • Time‑lapse video with stabilisation
  • Night mode Time-lapse
  • Continuous autofocus video

Here’s a video comparing the iPhone 12 pro to the above mentions Sony ZV-1 for vlogging.

Sure the latest and greatest offering from Apple has multiple lenses and can do everything including make your coffee in the morning. But you still can make decent vlog content with an older iPhone or a cheaper brand. Just make sure that the smartphone you vlog with has at least 1080 quality video and decent audio.


So it’s 2021 now and I’m sure we all learnt a lot during the previous year (let’s not speak it’s name). What became obvious was that video content is king. You need to be creating video content to promote your product or service. If you’re not then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Creating content is not for everyone. Sure it’s hard, sure it’s uncomfortable for some people to step in front of the camera. But just remember this. Everyone starts somewhere. So jump in and give it a go.