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Okay guys, I’m going to give you a tip today to help you with your business. Now this is an SEO tip, a search engine optimization tip. Now please, please, please stop doing this with your SEO. Stop sacrificing free organic website traffic. Let’s have a look what most people are doing wrong. Now, we’ll go to LinkedIn. Now, when most people make a post on LinkedIn, they put up a story here, blah, blah, blah. They might put up an entire blog post, might put up a video or so forth, and then they click post. Now, what’s happening there? People are reading the entire post on LinkedIn and they’re not going to your website, so your website is not getting the traffic that it needs. Now, traffic is important because what traffic does is it tells Google, “Hey, there’s a lot of people visiting this site. They’re visiting and they’re reading these search terms.”
So when someone enters those search terms, which are relative to your business obviously, Google will rank you higher and higher. So you want to be bringing people back to your website at all time to consume your content. I’ll tell you one more time, bring people back to your website to consume your content. Now, you obviously do that by putting excerpts onto LinkedIn, onto Facebook, onto YouTube, and then to read the full story, they’ve got to come back to your website. So let’s do a case study. This is a blog post on ausdigitalmedia.com and it’s called doing business online in 2020. What you need to know. So let’s highlight the heading. We’ll copy that. Go across to LinkedIn and we’re going to create that post. Here we go. We’re going to put in the heading here and then we’ll put in the excerpt.
Now the excerpt can be one paragraph. It can be the headings. Basically, it’s a snippet of your article and it should be enough to get the reader or get the user enthralled, entrenched into your article. Now, I’m going to put in the subheading here and I’m going to put in the topics, the topic headings, okay, the chapter headings. You can see each one of these chapter headings is relative to the chapter headings as we go through the article. So let’s go back over to LinkedIn, paste that here, and we’ve got here the copy, okay? So with the shrinking of the traditional retail business model, more and more businesses, business owners are turning their focus to the digital space with high hopes of success, okay.
Now, let’s put a bit of dot, dot, dot, okay, or dash, dash, dash. In this article we dive into things you need to know, blah, blah, blah. Let’s put some more here, some dot, dot, dots, and what online skills should you need to know? Let’s put in some dot, dots there, some dot, dots there. So basically we just sort of abbreviating this article. We’re putting it onto LinkedIn. Let’s get rid of, yeah, let’s get rid of these. Actually, you know what, we’re to keep those, okay? There’s a bit of a spelling error there. I’ve got to go back and correct that on the website actually.
A nice little tip for you guys is install Grammarly. Grammarly is a fantastic little plug-in. It’s just caught two spelling errors there that weren’t picked up by a WordPress. So here we have it, guys. So and now what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a little read more. So we’re going to put here click below to read the success story, okay? In fact, why don’t we make that capitalization, click below to read these success story, okay? It’s not difficult. Now obviously need to put a link. So we’re going to grab a link from the URL and we’re going to post that right in here. Let’s put in a couple of hashtags. We might put in an Australia Post. Let’s put in digital marketing as well. So we go here. Hashtag digital marketing. I put in Australia Post, guys, because there is a reference to an Australia post article in that blog post, okay?
So these hashtags will be picked up by LinkedIn users. Hashtag SEO tip and we’ll put in hashtag SEO. So guys, that’s really easy. So what we’ve done there is we’ve created a excerpt on LinkedIn and we’re dragging people back to our website to read the full story. Now, you could put a video in there as well, but stop putting your entire articles up on LinkedIn and sacrificing, or and Facebook for that matter as well, and sacrificing that free organic traffic that you could have by dragging people back to your website. So guys, bit of a long winded explanation there. I’m a little bit tired this morning from writing too many articles on the web, but if you have any questions regarding that, please reach out via the link above or below. Hope that helps you guys.

Thanks very much.