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Hi guys, a quick tip to help you with your business. Let’s talk about too many plugins on a Wordpress site and what it can do, the damage it can cause. Now I’ll give you a case study. This week I was approached by a client in Melbourne who reached out and asked me to fix her site. And the problem she had with her site, was it had a huge blue circle across the face of the home page. Both on desktop and mobile versions. Now after some scrolling around, I found that it was the problem I suspected it was. Which was too many plugins, and a conflict between the theme and the plugin. Now I’ve seen this many times before, this kind of blue oval it sometimes appears over the home page and it’s really annoying and it can shutdown your website. People can come to your website, figure out that it’s not professional and leave. That’s one reason to get shutdown. The other reason is sometimes it affects the checkout. Now after figuring out which plugin it was, I deactivated the plugin, checked the website on desktop and mobile and it was working fine. I then advised the client on another plugin that would serve the same purpose and not affect her site in the same way. So guys, a lesson to be learned there is do not have too many Wordpress plugins. I know it’s tempting just to go, “Oh but that plugin “does x, y, and z. “That’ll be a great addition to our site.” But remember the more plugins you install the slower the loading speed, and the more logic the Wordpress has to crunch through with every transaction. And it really bogs down the website, this has been proven time and time again over the last 20 years that we’ve had Wordpress. So guys I hope that helps you today with your website, your Wordpress website. If you need more help, please reach out via the link above or below. Stay safe, have a good week, thanks. Bye.