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Good morning, everyone. It’s 6 a.m, middle of winter at Federation Square in Melbourne, I’m doing my morning exercise routine. Now, I want to give you guys a case example, a case study of a client that came through this month. Now, this is a great client, a fantastic client that has come through and they’re after some social media management. So that means we have a discussion with them, we talk about the product that they would like to sell. In this case, it’s a hand sanitizer service that’s going into businesses. So it’s a big B-to-B product. Now, they’ve charged us with the task of marketing their content across their three chosen social media platforms and they’ve chosen Google My Business, they’ve chosen LinkedIn and they’ve chosen Facebook as well. The story is, the client has come to us at the last minute and said to myself and my team, look, we really need this content online today. And I said, well, that’s not gonna be possible. We have to do the market research, we have to do the hashtag analysis and research, we have to design the content for the entire month, then all the content has to be reviewed by yourself and then we go through a two-step revision process, and then we’ll schedule it and this will take about three weeks. And the client was saying, look, no, no, we’re running late. We really need this done now, and the client was commenting every day to me saying, when’s this gonna be happening? When will we see content? I’m under pressure from my boss to get content. As much as I appreciate this client coming on board and we’re doing a great job and we’re providing for this client, that’s not the way you should approach it guys. The way you should approach your marketing is in a seasonal system. So think of it like a restaurant where you have a menu, you’re gonna change your menu every quarter and you’ll have your spring menu coming up. You don’t sort of say hey, we’ve got to get a spring menu up today, it’s the first of spring. No, you should have done this three months ago, and have all the menus printed, have all the food ordered, all the photography done and everything. And that’s the same with digital content guys. If you want to do a marketing campaign, try to work at least a month in advance. A month would be plenty of time in my opinion to work in advance if you come to us and we’ll do it ’cause our process will take about three weeks from the initial get go to get everything happening. So guys, I’m happy to help you guys with your marketing, you really need to do social media marketing, in particular video if you can manage it. If you are okay in front of a camera, try to do a video just like I’m doing here. Try to establish your product or service as an authority in that space through video content. If you don’t want to do video content, stills is fine. We’re doing stills graphic content for this particular client with a short context and the hashtags as well, the relative hashtags. So guys, I hope that helps you with your business today. If you need any more help, please reach out via the link above or below.

Thanks very much.