Smart coupons website add on

Smart Coupons – website add on

From: AUD $16 inc gst / month

This fantastic product is an add-on to our website management service. This add-on enables your website with automated gift certificates and intelligent coupons. Allow people to buy gift certificates for friends, Allow store credit for customers. Send out vouchers to all your members to intice an upsell and more.

Without this add on you would need to create a new coupon manually for every customer every time.

This plugin has paid licensing at our end that is why it is an extra add on to our website management service.



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This product is an add-on to our website build service listed here

99 out of 100 people who come to your site run away without spending a cent. Yes, the site you built with lots of money, time and emotions. Yes, the same people who came to your site after your endless marketing efforts.

Frustrating, right?

If you can get just one more person to buy, you instantly double your sales…

Three methods are absolutely essential.

  1. Make sure you have awesome images/visuals for your products
  2. Offer discount codes, coupons, and gift vouchers
  3. Provide free shipping – either flat free shipping or conditional based on a minimum spend amount.

Everyone loves to get more than what they pay for. Which is why discount coupons and free shipping give such wonderful results.

And smart coupons add on makes it a piece of cake to create, issue and manage everything around coupons, credits, and gift certificates.

Top 12 things people do with Smart Coupons

Here are some of the main reasons why people use Smart Coupons.

  • Automatic bulk coupon generation and dispatch – generate thousands of coupons at once, email to customers.
  • Issue coupons on product purchase – sell gift vouchers or give a discount on other products on purchase of one product. Great for upsells, downsells and to encourage repeat sales!
  • Comprehensive Store Credit system – customers can maintain, top-up and purchase from their fund balance. Grows customer lifetime value.
  • Gift Certificates – purchase and send gift cards/ vouchers/credits to yourself or friends custom messages
  • One click coupon use – no need to remember or type codes. Shows available coupons on Cart & My Account page and applies with a single click.
  • Beautiful coupon designs – to show on your site.
  • Totally self-managed – automatic credit balance maintenance, automatic coupon removal on zero balance and more.
  • Subscription coupons – allow coupons to pay for subscriptions – first time as well as renewals.