Online Bookings – website add on

AUD $430 inc gst / year

This plugin is an add-on to our website management service.  It allows you to take bookings for services via your website. This plugin has paid licensing at our end that is why it is an extra add on to our website management service.

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This product is an add-on to our website build service listed here

An extremely powerful addition to your service based business.

Save time and effort by letting customers book at their convenience

Gone are the days of customers picking up the phone to book an appointment, reservation or rental. Give your customers the flexibility to book your services, space, or equipment online. Save time, and get more bookings!

Set fixed appointments or let customers create their own

Define fixed times available — such as a spa, with set appoints for each massage therapist — or give customers the option to choose times that work for them, similar to checking in to a hotel.

Set time slots for bookings in minutes, hours, or days — whatever works for your business.

Define availability in the way that works for you

You and your services may be unavailable 24/7/365. Block time that you plan to take off, create buffers between bookings, and customize prices for a given duration, specific days, or certain customers.

Offer special pricing for group size, day of the week, or who is booking

Whether it’s discounts for booking multiple slots, a special price for early birds, higher pricing over weekends, or special pricing for children, customize pricing to your heart’s desire.

Require confirmation, offer free cancellations – it’s up to you

With Bookings, you can decide if a rental requires confirmation or if you’d like to review before making it official, and whether customers can cancel a booking.

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Remind clients of their appointments the day before with handy notification emails when a reservation is made and confirmed.

If you’d like to do more, you can send a special reminder right from your site.

Easily review how your calendar is shaping up

As reservations start coming in, take a look at your calendar.

See what’s coming up today or scan how many bookings and confirmations are awaiting your input, directly in your dashboard.

Still have customers calling for reservations? Add bookings manually

If you have customers who want to book the old-fashioned way, no sweat! With Bookings, you can manually add bookings you take in person or over the phone, while chatting to a customer.

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