Have you ever thought about self publishing a photography book?

Well this is something that I thought I would take on board, and let me tell you the learning curve was steep. No one helped me along the way so I had to just jump on Google and figure everything out as I went along.

I made a video to summarise my experience and I hope it helps you all out with your project.

I think that publishing a book is something that everyone should try once in their lifetime but I would encourage you to obtain feedback from the marketplace as to if your book will sell or if you may end up with a room full of books at a great expense to you.

Have look at the video here and make the decisions yourself 🙂

Please note: I receive a lot of questions from people around the world interested in self-publishing. I only reply to people who have supported my work by purchasing a consulting session through my photography website here.

The 1st edition of my book
The 2nd edition of my book
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