So what is brand strategy?

Many businesses operate in a random chaotic and spontaneous fashion within the digital space. They try one approach for a short period of time then move on to a new approach and so on. This is no way to achieve consistent results. To acheive consistent results you must have a well thought out strategy, just like a wartime commander would do on a battle field.

Brand strategy is about

  1. Identifying who you are as a brand.
  2. Identifying who your ideal client is.
  3. Identifying your target goals.
  4. Implementing digital systems and strategies to achieve these goals.
The Leadership Centre

The Leadership centre is a new business hitting the marketplace in 2020.

The project is the brainchild of Professor Stephen Duns.

Stephen holds a Doctorate in Business Leadership, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Letters (Psychology) and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy).

Stephen is also an active volunteer with recent roles as President/Director annecto, Director of Allied Health Professionals Australia, Director of Australian Graduate School of Leadership, Director/Chair of Merri Community Health Services, member of the Hub Melbourne Wisdom Council, Chair of Austin Health’s Human Research Ethics Committee, Trustee of Save Sight Foundation, President and Chairman of the Board of Parkinson’s Victoria and Parkinson’s Australia and President of JOY 94.9 community radio station.

The Leadership Centre needed a digital brand strategy prepared in order to hit the marketplace effectively.

The deliverables where ;

Stay tuned here for more information on the successful implementation of Leadership Centre 2020 Digital Brand Strategy.