This book is a collection of images from my home town of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
I am a 4th generation Melbournian and I love this city. These images are the results of many hundreds of kilometres of walking the streets looking for those perfect angles. Usually, I would spend 5 to 6 hours walking, ending up with blisters most days, to find an angle that I liked. Then I would make a note of the location and which way the sun rose or set on the scene and come back when the light was right. Then I would arrive at the scene well ahead of the light I wanted, set up and wait patiently. But of course, sometimes the shots just didn’t work, for example, a person might walk into the shot and decide to start watching the sunset just at the moment of pressing the shutter. Or I might wait all day to get a shot of Federation square, take the tram into the city only to find that there is a construction site set up in my scene. Such is the life of a landscape photographer.

Will Faulkner, Author.

Technical specs; 54 page hardcover, 200 gsm art paper pages, 13×11 in 33×28 cm,

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