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Hi guys, a quick tip to help you with your business today. Let’s talk about how to use Rev. Now, Rev is a transcription software. It’s a cloud-based software that does transcriptions, captions, and translations for you. Now, this is going to save you a lot of time, particularly if you are doing blog writing on your website. Now remember, everyone should be doing blog writing because it helps you with your SEO, your search engine optimization. The more blogs you have on your website, the more ranking, the higher the ranking rather, that Google will give you. It is a proven fact in the SEO world. You should be writing about 3,000 words once or twice a month on your blog.
Now, Rev is a really easy way to shortcut that service or shortcut that task. How do you do it? Well, basically you record a video just like I’m doing here, then have it transcribed by Rev. Then you have the video content on your website, which is great for audience views, then you have the transcript on your website as well. So it’s a two for one, okay? Now, you can also take a excerpt from the transcript and use it in your EDM, as your electronic direct mail.
Guys, transcribing your videos just like this one today is a fantastic way to hit more than one point on your website. You can hit your expert on your direct mail, you can put it onto Twitter, you can put it onto LinkedIn, you can post it on your blog as a written article. It’s fantastic, so let’s dive into a quick one or two minute tutorial. I’m going to show you how to use Rev. First thing you do is you need to make a video, just like I’m doing here. Then what you need to do is grab the video from YouTube, grab the link, okay, go across to Rev and then place a new order. Now, the new order can be for captions if you’d like to have your YouTube videos captioned. Particularly what I do is I’ll do a transcription, okay? Because YouTube these days tends to put in the caption automatically, so you don’t really need to do that anymore. It is handy for platforms like LinkedIn, a lot of people view videos on silent mode on LinkedIn. So if you are putting your videos on LinkedIn, consider taking captions and embedding them into your video.
Now, let’s do a quick order. Here we go, place an order, transcription. It’s going to ask you for either the video file or a link to the video file on YouTube. Typically what I will do is paste the URL, I’ll paste the URL from YouTube right in there and bam, away we go. Now, it costs $1.25 U.S. per minute. If you’re doing quick, short little clips, like the quick tips that I’m doing here, it’s going to cost you around $7 for a five minute video, okay, so it’s not a big outlay.
Then what you do is you’ll get the order will come through. It only takes a few minutes, they’re very quick, these guys, and they’re pretty on point as far as their wording. They don’t tend to miss too many words. You can even tell them what accent the video was spoken in to help speed up the translation service, or the transcription service rather.
Now, if you’ve got more than one speaker, you can ask Rev to point out the paragraphs as far as the speaker. So it’ll say Speaker One, then there’ll be the paragraph, Speaker Two, then the paragraph. You can copy that directly onto your website and it’ll have multiple speakers. That’s a fantastic little optional add-on that you can do with Rev.
Once you copy and paste your order, your transcription order, simply go across to your website and paste it under the video. Your video goes on the top, the transcript goes underneath. Now, if you’re smart, you’ll do what I’ve done, which is I’ve set up a wire frame that I use every time. It’s a wire frame template for putting these types of blog posts on my website. All I have to do is go to my website, click on the blog wire frame, and it puts in the video there and it puts in the transcript. I just copy and paste the transcript over the top and away we go. Then I’ll send out an excerpt as an electronic direct mail, an EDM through MailChimp, and it draws people back to your website to read the full article and see the video. Again, just to summarize guys, this transcript that’s sitting here on my website is acting as content for Google. The Google spiders will be reading every single word that’s written here, and the more words that you have on your blog posts, putting you as an authority in your field, authorizing you as an authority in your field, the more words you have, the better it is for you as far as SEO. So it’s really important, you guys, remember that. Guys, that’s a quick dive into Rev. Now, if you’d like to try Rev, you can have the first $10 for free. There’s a link in the bottom of this video and click on that and you get the first $10 for free. Guys, if you have any questions regarding Rev, please reach out by the link above or below, and I’m happy to chat with you about everything digital.

Thanks very much.