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Having your username and passwords ready when you need them is very important in today’s fast moving digital world. Not only do you need them ready, you need to keep them secure. I’m going to show you the system we use not only for our passwords and usernames, but also for our clients.

Here we are in Google. Now I’ve logged in under my Google account. Now this is my Google G Suite account. I have two accounts, my personal account and my G Suite account. Now all I need to do is go to Sheets. Our passwords are kept on Google Sheet, so we have passwords for not only our business but for all of the businesses that we manage. Now all we have to do is click on a sheet and all the passwords and usernames are indexed alphabetically. We can get to the password or username that we need immediately. This data is only available to selected people. If you go here to share and go to advanced and you can see it’s only available to myself and anyone else, I choose to give access to it.

Now with the shared passwords for our clients, we can add them in as either someone who can view, someone who can edit and we can also check these boxes here that say prevent editors from changing access and adding new people. So you basically control who is able to share this document and disable options to download, print and copy. So that’s another couple of security steps you can take.

Now this has proven a very, very good system guys. I cannot tell you how many times we reach in and access one of the username and passwords every day. It’s literally every day, a couple of times. This is a very secure system, guys. Only people who are within your G Suite bubble if you like can have access to this document. And when you go to share this document outside of G Suite, it’ll say, “Look, are you sure you want to share it? That’s giving someone access to one of your intellectual properties. Are you sure you want to do it?” So it’s another level of security.

Now let’s look at the way it works on a mobile device. All you need to do is install the Google Sheets app on your phone, log in under your G Suite account, and all of your sheets will be accessible on your mobile device. Now you need to take the extra precaution of making sure that your mobile device has an auto lock feature. That is to say when you turn off your phone, it locks with a pass code or a fingerprint code. We do not want your phone falling into the wrong hands and all of your username and passwords can be accessible simply by turning on your phone.

I hope that helps you guys. If you’re interested in trying G Suite, you can try for free for one month and there are coupon codes on ausdigitalmedia.com. Simply click on free stuff, scroll down and you’ll see G Suite coupon codes, which will give you 20% off G Suite basic plan and G Suite business plan per user for 12 months. That’s a huge saving. Reach out if you need any help. Thanks very much.