Use e-commerce to its fullest ability

There’s really no reason why you cant be selling either a product or a service on your website these days. Online sales are a great way to automate your business. Particularly when you start selling items like repeating subscriptions to a service or a downloadable product. You may consider selling memberships to your site where you have a free membership and a premium paid membership. The premium membership allows access to members only downloads or members only products on your site.

Offer a coupon code to your mailing list subscribers. this coupon could be available for the first 20 people only, thus abiding by the law of urgency.  Have the coupon expire after a certain date also. All this is common functionality within the Ecommerce software we use on our site.

This can all be set up for you by Aus Digital Media.

Check your SEO

Make the most of Googles services. They will promote your website with a free listing if you make it easy for them. Make sure your website manager has installed some basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) your pages and products. There are many ways to do this but the most common way with Wordpress based websites is to use a free plugin like Yoast SEO. These plugins allow for meta tag entries, keyword entries and will also give your page a score as you build it. If your score is low the plugin will offer some suggestions on how to improve your content to better your SEO ranking.

Make a video for your home page

Make a video for your home page. Studies have shown that video is one of the greatest mediums that can be used to get your message across. It’s interactive and draws the customer into your site to hear your message. If there’s a big fat play button sitting there people will usually click it. Also when videos are hosted with a streaming platform like Vimeo then embedded onto your site you can get access to the play analytics from that video, thus giving you more info on your website traffic and demographics. See our services on video production here.

Be consitently blogging

As described in a past blog here you need to be blogging all the time. Preferably once a week but at least once a month. Over time this will have a great effect on your search engine results. Also you can now share your bloc with your mailing list and draw people back to your site to look at your latest product or service. It doesnt take much to churn out a decent size blog post. All you need to do is come up with the subject matter, then the chapters, then the content for each chapter, fill in the content with a few images from a stock photo library and you’re done.

iMap mail vs Pop Mail

iMap is good PoP is bad

Many people are still attached to the old email system called Pop mail. This system basically downloaded your mail messages to your mail client on your device. The problem with this is that the messages are now only on that device. The messages are completely removed from the server.

A better way to go is the newer iMap mail system. This system allows each of your devices to be set up in such a way that they are a direct reflection of the server. So if the server has mail it will show up on all your devices. And if you flag or delete a mail message on one device it will reflect on all your other devices. This makes doing day to day business so much easier.

See more of a details article on this matter here

Utilise a mailing list

Keep your brand in your customers mind be contacting them semi regularly through a mailing list. Mailchimp is the most popular mail service at the moment and offers free and premium plans. A good way to capture your customers email for your list is to set your shopping cart so that the check out adds the customers email to your mailchimp list by default unless the customer unchecks the select box thus choosing not to.

Consider adding an automated sales funnel on your site that will sell for you when you sleep. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up your own sales funnel.

Check your Google analytics regularly

Google analytics is a great service and should be capitalised on. With this data analysis service you are able to track how many people are viewing your site, where the traffic is coming from, who is sharing your site, what your demographic is and so much more.

Then once you are armed with this information you will be able to launch successful marketing campaigns because you will know where to target your content to and where not to waste you time on.

Monthly Google analytic reports are part of the service provided by Aus Digital Media with our website management service, see more info here.

Give away free stuff

People love free stuff.

On the Aus Digital Media website we have a system where if someone puts something in the shopping cart then leaves the site without paying they receive an email after 20 minutes offering them a free on line pdf course if they will return to the site and complete the initial purchase. You can also create discount coupons, PDF courses and downloadable products to give to people if they will sign up to your mailing list.

Hire us to do it all for you

We have a service where we build your website for you then manage all the content and software updates each month for you. Srating from only $125 AUD per month. Its like having your own web site guy but only paying a small fee per month instead of a full time wage. Makes sense right? See here for more details.