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Hi guys. A quick tip to help you with your business. Let’s talk about how to find the top hashtags for your Instagram posts. Now, first you want to determine your keywords. What are your top keywords? Usually three or six keywords for the Instagram posts. So determine them first. You’ll need to figure them out on your own. Then you want to enter those keywords into a hashtag finding algorithm, and there’s plenty of them free online, and that will tell you the top 30 hashtags for each keyword.
So typically when we do social media management, we will choose between three and six keywords around your product or service. Then we will take those keywords, put them into an algorithm, and that tells us the top 30 hashtags. Now remember, you can have 30 hashtags per Instagram post, so take your top three keywords or top six keywords and take the first five to 10 hashtags for each one, and put them into your post. Reach out if you need any help.
Thanks very much.