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In this video I’m going to share with you my system for closing high ticket sales and getting paid on time.
Now, first of all, this is not a video about how to source high ticket sales. I’m not going to teach you a magical system on how to source high ticket clients. There’s plenty of YouTube videos out there about that. But I will share with you the system that I have implemented only recently, which has helped me close multi-thousand dollar deals and get paid on time.
Now these multi-thousand dollar deals were clients that were kind of teetering on the edge. They’re saying, “Look, you’ve got a great product. I’m not disagreeing with that. But my business is a bit tight at the moment. I’m in a bit of a situation financially and I can’t really pay that.”
Now typically I would, my designer brain would always say something before the pitch. Like, “If you like the work you can, you can pay half now and half at the end, or half within 60 days.”, Or something like that. But it’s still not very appealing to the client, especially if you’re talking multi-thousands of dollars. People these days often just don’t have five and 10K sitting in the bank waiting to blow it on a project, no matter how good the work is.
So the system that I use guys is, if I am selling something over 5K, or even something over 1K to a client who I think hasn’t got much money at all, I will split the payment, and I will use a direct debit system. So let me tell you what I mean. WordPress is the ecosystem that I use. And if you’ve followed this channel, you’ll know that I’m a WordPress fan, and WordPress expert. And WordPress offers a subscription payment system.
So how do I apply that to getting paid on time? If I’m closing a sale, and let’s look at the most recent one, which was a brand strategy package for a client in Australia. The client paid half up front and then the remaining payments were split over six monthly direct debit payments. Now that’s what we call a win-win situation. It’s a win because I know I’m getting paid. The direct debit is hooked into a credit card. I’ve already been paid half up front. I will deliver the work before the first direct debit payment, which is a month later. And then the next six payments are coming into my bank account automatically.
Now it’s a winner for the client because the client is able to stagger his payments. Basically, he’s got seven months to come up with the money, as opposed to maybe 60 days. Right? That’s a massive shift in billing for the client. It also achieves a secondary function, which is a trust. It establishes trust in your product. You are saying to the client, “Hey, look, I’ll give you the work now. It’s all yours. You can run with it. And I’m happy for you to pay me in drip increments over the next six months.” So it establishes you as you’re confident in your ability, you’re confident in your work. And it’s again, it’s a win-win.
Now, just going back to what I talked about before with the smaller ticket items, let’s say you sell a thousand dollar package to someone. You could say, “Hey, no worries, I appreciate that you’re struggling at the moment. I’m confident with my work. I’ll give you five, or six rather, monthly payments, or four monthly payments of $250 each.” Or it may be one payment initially of 500, and then there’s some staggered payments after that.
But the point is you’re going to get paid. You’re no longer chasing invoices. You’re no longer following up late accounts, and they say, “Oh, didn’t we give that to accounting?” I mean I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been bumped from the client and they say, “Oh, I passed the account to accounting. I’m not sure why they haven’t paid it.” They don’t care because they’ve got the product already.
But if you can get the client on a direct debit system, it’s a much, much better system for you. And again, I think it’s a win-win scenario, a win-win system.
So guys, I hope that helps you with your business today. If I can help you any further, please reach out via the link above or below and I’m happy to chat with you.

Thanks very much.