Marketers are already mastering the fine art of influencer marketing. But they still have a lot to learn.

The industry has grown substantially over the past few years, and it is still evolving. While many companies are reaping the rewards of influencer marketing, some brands have yet to experience a remarkable upswing in results. 

Modern consumers demand transparency and authenticity. And that’s exactly why influencer marketing is so popular. Research shows that nearly half of online users check out influencer product recommendations before deciding to purchase an item.

Implementing an effective influencer marketing campaign can result in enhanced brand awareness and it can even increase sales conversions. If your current campaign isn’t producing the results you want, this is where optimization comes into play. 

Optimization can increase the value of your influencer marketing campaign. After all, who wants to launch a campaign that just eats up the allocated budget without yielding business returns? Here are a few ways to take your influencer campaign to greater heights.

Influencer Marketing

Consider a Long-Term Influencer Partnership

It is imperative to establish a solid, collaborative relationship with your chosen influencer. A long-term partnership agreement will benefit your brand in the long run.

For starters, you should look to collaborate with an influencer who genuinely likes your brand. Their authenticity will allow them to be more effective in relaying your message to the target audience. 

As a business owner, it’s important not to make the influencer feel like they are simply a marketing tool. A meaningful partnership will make them feel more valued and motivated to explore their creativity when sharing their own content.

Encourage Content Co-Creation

A smooth collaboration between your brand and the influencer is important. Whether you decide on a Facebook Live video, a YouTube unboxing video, or a contest on Instagram, co-creation is definitely a must. Brainstorm ideas together, talk about your wants and needs for the project and allow the influencer to use their creative voice and expression. 

If you need to make adjustments to improve SEO by using specific hashtags, or including call-to-actions, just be sure to do so without getting in the way of the influencer’s distinct tone. You wouldn’t want to lose the brand objectives and end goals.

Social Media Co Creation
Brand awareness

Improve brand awareness and exposure

Measure the influencer campaign’s KPIs and make informed adjustments based on the results. For example, if your influencer’s sponsored post on Instagram isn’t driving high engagement, think of ways to repurpose the content.

Doing a Q&A using the Instagram Stories feature, for example, can encourage users to interact with the influencer, resulting in better engagement and reach. 

Final notes

Adding a dose of creativity and dedication to your influencer marketing campaign will hail positive results. Be sure to provide plenty of opportunities for the influencer, and your brand to use your unique voice, and get your message out there. When done properly, updating your existing campaign will result in better brand reputation, exposure, reach, and ultimately increased conversions. And it’s not a bad deal for the influencer either. Before you know it, you will both be enjoying the fruits of your labor.