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Hey, guys, welcome to another vlog.
Today, I’m gonna share with you how this blog post managed to get to number one in the organic search terms on Google. So I wanna share with you guys how I wrote the blog post and how it can benefit your business. Now, there can be any type of product or service business. The beauty of blog posts is as I’ve said before, they are digital assets. You write them once, you keep tweaking them and they keep drawing people into your site. Now, that blog post is drawing in a number of people. The amount of clicks that that’s having each month is growing and growing. Over the last two years or two and a bit years since I wrote that post, it has been constantly increasing and I’ll show you the graph right here. The blog post was written to a formula and the formula is up on my website. You can visit it. I’ll put the link below. But basically, it’s a system of grabbing the chapters from a Google search. A Google search will quickly tell you what chapter headings you need or what paragraph headings you need based on what people are searching for. So then you go and put them into your blog post and then you go and populate those paragraphs with text. So it’s a very simple formula, guys, but what it will lead to over time if you keep adding to your post and if you keep tweaking it and making it evergreen, evergreen meaning it has relevance to today’s audience, is what it will mean is you will get constant hits to your website, constant visitors. Now, the beauty of that is you can thread into that blog post little links to say, hey, if you enjoyed this, click here. And it’ll throw them to a free download or maybe a small tripwire sale or something like that. So guys, the power of blogging cannot be underestimated. That blog post took me about maybe a day to write and I’ve just had to tweak it ever since, putting in a little bit of text here and there, maybe dropping in a new photograph. Nothing major, very, very small work. And that’s just one of the posts that’s getting an amazing click-through rate on Google. Now, for those who don’t know, a click-through rate is when something is listed on Google, if someone clicks on it and goes to your website, that registers in Google Analytics and you can call that the click-through rate. So how many people viewed that in the impression versus how many people actually click it, that’s called the click-through rate or CTR. So guys, I hope that’s been of help to you today. I really strongly advise for all of my digital customers to get into writing blog posts on your website. I know that it is tedious. A lot of people, I tell them to write blog posts, I show them all the proof of how writing blog posts draws in users to your website organically and yet, they still don’t do it. They still find it far too hard. I have customers that I see during Covid lockdown that spend a lot of their time staring out the window and polishing the shelves in their retail store when they could be sitting down writing blog posts after blog posts after blog posts drawing in organic traffic and converting those users into sales. But you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. So do your best, guys. Get into blog posts. If you need any help, please reach out via the link above or below. I’m happy to chat with you today.
Thanks very much.
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