So what is G Suite?

G Suite is designed to be smart, simple, and secure. Watch this team complete the impossible task with the power of G Suite’s collaboration and productivity tools. Find out more about G Suite.

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A complete suite of applications for your workflow

G suite is called a suite for a reason. It offers you a suite of applications to use with this premium email service. This opens up a huge productivity improvement. You can create groups that are working on a project, assign team members to a particular project, share project files, have live video hangouts, live chat groups and more. All from any device connected to the internet.


If you are already entrenched in another Ecosystem like Apple for example we do not advise combining the 2 systems. You will always have better productivity and smoother workflows using one ecosystem like Google, Apple, Microsoft etc.

See this video showing an explanation of  G suite in a business environment.

Whats the difference between Gmail and G Suite?

Professional looking email.

G suite is a premium email and content management service provided by Google. Think of it as Gmail but with more options and the ability to have your own domain name in the email address. So instead of the standard Gmail format of your address looking like, it will instead look like . This gives you a much more professional look when interacting with your customers.


The G Suite pricing is per user. What is a user? A user is defined as one personalized email address such as and

Email aliases such as sales@yourcompany and support@yourcompany are treated as aliases and don’t count as additional users. Both user and alias email addresses can be set up with individual inboxes and individual signatures. So you can set up multiple email addresses in your single G suite plan but they will all be viewable under the single admin login ID.

Only individual users can view email accounts and aliases attached the the user. Other users cannot see the email accounts.

I already have email accounts attached to my website.
Why would I need G Suite?

A benefit of moving across to G Suite is the simple integration you have to communicate with your team. this can be done with simple chat windows in the suite or with using one of the many apps that Google puts at your fingertips. Basically, you will have many more tools all designed to help your business flourish with increased productivity.

G Suites email service alone is one reason to consider taking up the package. Let’s say that you have a website and all your email accounts are attached to that websites hosting service. If your website gets hacked or your hosting service goes down Yes this does happen. Your email accounts will be safely protected because they are not attached to your website anymore. With this layer of risk protection, you can sleep more soundly at night.

Of course, you need to weigh up the risk assessment that you are signing up for with Google. Googles G Suite marketing boasts a 99% up-time. But if you take the time to research the support forums you will see there are some tickets from people complaining of outages in their service, not being able to log in and more.

In the end, you need to way up the risk vs reward on this issue.

What is the cost of G suite?

G Suite has 3 pricing tiers

The three levels of pricing offer different features at each level. For someone starting out in business, they might choose the Basic level. For small to medium businesses, the Business package would suit. And for larger business entities the Enterprise package would be suitable. G Suite offers a 14 day free trial across all 3 pricing tiers.

G Suite pricing
See pricing options hereSee a detailed pdf document here

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G Suite case study

See a case study from Woolworths and G Suite here.

How can I move across to G Suite?

Moving across is fairly simple if you have an understanding of how domain names and website hosting works. If not then contact your IT professional to migrate across. Google also offers a migration tool for this purpose.