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Our Facebook Advertising Lead Generation Product

Facebook Advertising Campaign Prices. Not including Ad spendPrice per campaign
Facebook Advertising$600 + 10% of ad spend
Facebook Retargeting$600 + 10% of ad spend
Facebook Advertising and Retargeting$600 + 10% of ad spend
Linked In Advertising$600 + 10% of ad spend

We offer this structured Facebook Advertising Lead Generation service to develop a database of targeted leads. The service requires a budget for Facebook which is NOT included in the service fee. The process runs through a targeted Facebook ad with some form of lead bait, to a landing page where prospects leave their details if they would like a copy of the lead bait. Details get stored in a database for Re marketing. The deliverable of this service is the database of targeted leads for ongoing nurturing and marketing, at a cost per lead that is very attractive. One benefit of this style of advertising is that often leads are acquired at a cheaper cost than from a single AdWords click for example.

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Purpose

The purpose of this lead generation campaign is to build a database of prospects that come from the client’s defined prospecting group. The database developed from this service is an asset for your business. While the purpose of this service is not immediate sales, through ongoing and regular nurturing, the database should turn into a continual and regular source of business for you. It is a long-term marketing strategy which aims to be a part of assisting the development of a long term healthy business, via a database. This service acknowledges the reality that many real prospects just are not ready to buy today, so during this process, we rather collect the data of these prospects, so you can be“front of mind” when these prospects are ready to buy.

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Is Working When:

A database of relevant and targeted prospects are being collected into a CRM or email management tool. The database is being built cost effectively

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Process

First Month

  • An initial Skype Briefing to discuss your campaign and understand the precise prospecting group we are targeting.
  • Completing a Facebook Advertising Template for your Ads.
  • Produce the lead bait if required.
  • Create a Pixel for Conversion Tracking and apply to the website where applicable.
  • Set up your campaign and Ad Sets.
  • Create your ads and send for your quality review.
  • Setup a database in Mailchimp if you don’t already have one.
  • Make necessary adjustments to your CRM if you already have one, ensuring we collect the leads appropriately for your system.
  • Conduct a review meeting with you to ensure all collateral is appropriate and of an acceptable quality standard.
  • Your campaign is made live following your approval.
  • Ongoing internal reviews & adjustments of campaign.
  • Weekly Reports for the first month only.

Regular Monthly Inclusions

  • Regular advertising campaign reviews & adjustments of campaign.
  • Monthly performance reports.

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Our Responsibilities

  • Conduct a thorough briefing session to get all the required information to build and manage a lead generation campaign that is most successful to your business.
  • Prepare all the collateral for you that will be used in the campaign.
  • Conduct a review meeting with you, ensuring all campaign collateral is quality, accurately represents your brand and is consistent with the objectives of the campaign.
  • Set up a Mailchimp account and database for you if required.
  • Once all collateral is approved, finalise the campaign set up and make live.
  • Manage the advertising campaign expertly and responsibly.
  • Prepare and distribute monthly performance reports.

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Limitations

  • Most people in the database will be interested in the subject matter of the lead bait but not ready to buy. So there is a time lag from advertising to sales.
  • The point of the service is that it enables you to engage with their prospects in an ongoing manner, so when a prospect is ready to buy, you are top of mind and gets the inquiry. If you do not nurture your database, this relationship breaks down and potential ROI is not achieved.
  • Our service does not include ongoing nurturing. Although that can be a value-add, one which we can deliver via our copywriting team.

    Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – What’s Next

    Nurture, Nurture, Nurture

  • As the database is being successfully built, you should have an initial, automated nurturing sequence which builds upon the original lead bait information. This is not included in the price of this service but can be prepared as a value add, by our copywriting team.
  • Once the initial sequence of nurturing is complete, prospects should be added to your database for general, ongoing nurturing/marketing.
  • Do you have a sales team? If so, why not experiment capturing phone numbers also in the lead capture process and then create a sales process around calling leads that come through. Capturing phone numbers will typically increase the cost of a lead, but the sales process behind it will shorten and cheapen progressing through to a sale.