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Hey guys, a quick tip to help you with your business. Let’s talk about the risk associated with putting all of your eggs in one basket. Now, I’ll give you a case study. A potential new client I prospect came through my business this week and was talking about associating a booking system with his Facebook business pages.
Now, you can do that. Facebook has a call-to-action system, which is a button below the header image on the Facebook page, and you can throw that to an external website, or you can throw it to actually a Facebook booking system as well. Even though that doesn’t take money, you can find a way around that.
But the risk that the client is taking there is, if Facebook chooses to close down his business pages, and I have seen that happen before, then his booking system disappears and his ecosystem is crushed in one fell swoop. And often, these actions can be instigated by bots, robots or algorithmic changes in the platform.
Particularly a case in point is YouTube recently demonetized a whole bunch of accounts for a whole bunch of people whose income was reliant on YouTube full-time. Now, these people woke up and found that their income stream had been basically terminated overnight by an algorithmic change, which detected that there was a problem with the content on their channels.
So what you want to do, guys, is try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. If you can create your own ecosystem away from these platforms, that is a better way to go. Saying that, Facebook is in everyone’s pocket these days and it is a good idea to leverage Facebook for your business. But I’m just saying, be careful. Facebook can close your accounts. It’s a good idea to have a backup system. A backup system that if Facebook closes your pages, you still got your backup system for making money or taking bookings, et cetera. So guys, I hope that helps you. Reach out via the link above or below if you need some more help. Thanks very much.