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Hey guys, a quick tip to help you with your business. Let’s talk about customer profiling. Now, if you are doing your marketing and just hitting it to everyone, hitting it broad sort of shotgun approach, then you’re not really narrowing down to your ideal customer are you? Now ,the first thing we usually do when doing something like a brand strategy package for a new business or a relaunch of a business is we identify who the customer profile is, who the customer avatar is. Now, what you want to ask yourself is a series of questions. What’s the gender? Sometimes that’s applicable, sometimes it’s not. What is the average age of your ideal customer? What is the annual earn? Sometimes for a CEOs, they might earn over 200K and they don’t mind dropping a large amount of money on a course or something like that. But if your ideal customer earns say 50 grand a year, you can’t be offering them an eight or 10 grand course can you? So you want to look at the income. You want to look at where they consume content. Are they consuming it on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on YouTube? Are they consuming it in other formats, in other mediums? Now, the more you narrow down your customer profile, the more chance you have of succeeding in the digital age. Now, to make things easy for you guys, I’ve put up a free customer profiler on AusDigitalMedia.com. Simply click on free stuff in the menu bar, scroll down and you’ll see the customer profiler section. Now, all you have to do is answer a series of questions. It doesn’t take very long, only a couple of minutes and it will spit out a PDF for you. The PDF you can print from your computer, stick on your wall, and you can continually identify who your ideal customer profile is. Stop wasting your time with a shotgun approach, narrow it down to a sniper approach and start making money today. If I can help you any further, please reach out via the link above or below. Thanks very much.