We will advise the same formula that we use on our own website.

The Aus Digital Media Digital Marketing Funnel

Our Digital Marketing System

STEP 1. Optimization of your website

STEP 2. Offering consistent value to the marketplace

STEP 3. Conversion of your new traffic into sales

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Let's look at the basics of content marketing first.
Giving value.

Here's an excellent video by Chis Do from the U.S. who explains how learning to give value before asking for a sale transformed his company into a 300% per year growth machine.

Every client is different and needs a custom solution

Stop throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks.
Consider our brand strategy service first then execute on the strategic tasks.

Each client that we take on for digital marketing will need a customised digital marketing package. So we can’t give you a price out of the box here. In the past most clients ask for a quote on a website, maybe with eCommerce ability. This is the client analyzing their problem and assigning solution tasks to the technician. Now that’s fine. We are happy to build you what you ask for. But ask yourself this;

Q. Are an expert in the digital space?

If the answer is no then you might benefit from thinking about your solution in a different way.
Another approach might be to undertake our brand strategy package before the website build. This service is a in-depth analysis of your brand and your brands target goals. Then we deliver detailed recommendations on all the digital systems needed to reach your goals. This may well be building a new website but it may be one or more other digital solutions as well.