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Hi guys, a Quick Tip to help you with your business. Now let’s talk about an interesting case study this week. I received a call from Phil. Now shout out to Phil if you’re watching. I know Phil’s a long-time subscriber of this channel. Now, Phil runs a photography business in Melbourne. He does some amazing work. So shout out again, good work, Phil, on your photography quality. Now Phil wanted some help with his website, some SEO, some search engine optimization help, and he knew who to call. How did he know who to call? Because Phil has been watching the Quick Tips for a number of years now. And when Phil needed someone in the digital space, he knew who to call. He could go to the YouTube channel, click on the website, click on the contact page, and there was a phone number there, and he was able to speak to me immediately. So, there was an immediate interaction. So guys, what I’m talking about is the story of how Phil came to ask for a quote from my business was through content marketing. So, it’s a classic example of how strong content marketing is. I’ve been putting out those Quick Tips for a number of years, and I’ve had numerous, numerous responses from clients seeking information, seeking quotes, wanting a new website, wanting some SEO help and photography help, video help, and so forth. I encourage all of you guys to look into the power of digital content marketing, particularly video. Put some value content out there to your target audience. Don’t ask anything in return. And when your target audience is ready to buy, they will know who to call. So again, guys, if you need help with content marketing shout out by the link above or below. Thanks very much.