Automated Sales Funnel Design

Chasing sales is a waste of time.

Every business trading online should have some sort of automated funnel system working in the background for their business.

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WillBy Will

Hi, my name is Will Faulkner. I am the founder of Aus Digital Media.
Over the years I have tried many marketing strategies and marketing systems. Some worked and some did not work. But I am happy to say that now I have finally found a system that works and I am here to share that with you today.

Chasing sales is a waste of time !

This system can be implemented across almost any product or service business.
It doesn’t matter if you are a ; B2B – Business to Business or a B2C – Business to Customer style operation. The same fundamental strategy behind this system can apply to both business types. In this 26 page, 3000 word pdf I take you through every step and show you exactly how to set this system up online. So let’s get started on your path to creating more leads and closing more sales.


This course is a detailed step by step pdf guide on how to set up an automated sales funnel system. The course takes you step by step through the design concept and through the software programs you will need to set up this system. An alternative to other online systems like “Click Funnels” which charge a monthly subscription. This course teaches a once off design with no monthly charges. The course does not teach gimmicky sales techniques nor throw you to an affiliated website course, but rather outlines the step by step mechanics and necessary software needed to set up a funnel for your business.

  1. Create your hook product

  2. Create a Robert Palmer offer

  3. Attach ecommerce

  4. Create your landing page

  5. Create your nurture products

  6. Mailchimp set up

  7. Launch your hook product into the marketplace