So the people over at Macphun sent me an email. Finally, they have listened to the calls from myself and other photographers and have improved their batch editing engine.

Aurora HDR pro-2018 is in the opinion of this humble blog the best HDR blending engine on the market at the moment.

What this meant was that when you take a huge amount of HDR brackets and have them all in one folder the Aurora HDR pro-2018 engine would often add more than 3 brackets into one blended image and 3 in another. Of course, this was causing huge headaches when processing commercial photography for clients.

One case in point is when we do Google business tours and Custom virtual tours we have a very large number of HDR images in one folder. This is due to the fact that panoramic photography with VR photo heads has requires angles to capture the entire room or landscape.

Following on from the video we made here at ADM last year, we noted that the engine lacked the ability to limit the number of brackets in each render.

After a quick update all the batch editing goodness flows on down.

The new update does a reasonable job but could still be a lot better. We are still lacking the ability to limit the brackets number.

The software does allow you to drag the frames from one group to another but this can still be very time consuming for professional editors processing a lot of HDR brackets.

The main competitor to Auroa HDR 2018 is Photomatix. Photomatix does have the ability to force the system to limit the brackets number when looking in a folder.

Still not perfect but a great improvement on an already very good product.  Check out Aurora HDR pro here