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Hey guys, a quick tip to help you with your business. Now I want to talk about the power of learning something new. I recently went to a one day seminar and shout out to Professor Stephen Duns, if you’re watching. It was a fantastic seminar on leadership. Stephen is a professor at Torrens University in Melbourne and he gave a fantastic one day seminar on leadership. Everything from the philosophy to the psychology of leadership, and I really learned a lot. Not that I’m a leader, I’ve got a very small business with contractors, but it was interesting. I learned so much about how to apply different philosophies and strategies to my business. So anyway guys, look what I wanted to say was the power of learning something new for your business, you should always be learning. I mean I consume so much content. I’m consuming content from the moment I wake up in the form of YouTube videos to podcasts when I’m driving and when I relax in the afternoons after work, it’s again YouTube videos. I’m always, always consuming knowledge. And guys, that has transformed my business from a very small photography and videography business to the digital agency that it is today. So guys, if you want to learn something, again, go for podcasts. If you’re driving, go for audio books. You can look up Borrow Box by Belinda. Borrow Box is a fantastic app that you download to your phone and you can rent books. Now shout out to the guys over at Belinda, Beck over at Belinda and Phil. And you can go for Audible, you can go for Kindle, you can consume knowledge in so many avenues in this digital age. There’s no excuse for people who say, “Look, I can’t learn. I can’t afford school.” I taught myself photography on YouTube over a three or four year period. I consumed every YouTube video I could find on learning photography. So the information is out there, the old schooling system of having to go to university or going to school, I’m not sure that that’s a completely worthwhile route to pursue these days. But anyway, that’s a discussion for another video. So guys, if I can help you with pointing you in the direction to learn things about SEO, learn about video, learn about photography, learn about websites, I’m happy to give you guys some links. Reach out via the comments in the link above or below. Thanks very much.