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I’m going to share with you guys a marketing technique that will bring you in leads week after week, month after month, and will not cost you a cent. Now what is this magical system I stumbled upon? It’s basically the power of giving without expectation of return. Now, let me tell you a case in point, a story. We had a customer last year, and I was offering this customer free advice, which I do all the time, and the advice was on how to record a video on a phone just like this, and how to deliver content marketing onto his LinkedIn profile. I gave tons of advice to this person over a period of time, and didn’t actually end up doing any business with the person. Now that’s fine. But after a period of time had passed, I think it was about a year or so, the customer came back and said, look we would like to do a video for the new company I’ve started working for. I said, that’s great. And we did one small job. It was only a very, very small job. Hardly paying anything at all. But you know, it was great to touch base with this customer, yet again in his new position in a new job. I touched base with the customer again a few weeks after and it turns out he had had left that position and he said, look, I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me with the video. I’d like you to contact my ex-CEO. He may be interested in some video. I took the customer’s lead. I said, thanks very much, I really appreciate the lead. I contacted this CEO and it turns out that we’re talking about doing a large job together, over the period of about 12 months. If you look at what’s happened here, I gave advice to the initial lead, or the initial point of contact without any expectation of return, hardly any business, or practically no business was conducted. Yet over the period of time, a year or so later, he recommended me to another client, word of mouth, and that client took that recommendation and basically trusted me as a referral source, because he was referred as a warm contact. Rather, I was referred as a warm contact to the new customer. Guys, the power of giving without any expectation of return is very powerful in business. I’ve applied this more strongly this year, I’ve gone and sort of look every day how I can give something to someone, at least one person every day, give something without expectation of return. It’s amazing what effect it has had over the last 12 months or so.My advice for you guys would be to put on your to-do-list each day, give something to someone without expectation of return, and do it over a period of time. Do it over 12 months. Do it consistently, every day. After 12 months, look back and see what impact that has had on your business and on your life in general. Guys, if you need any help with content marketing, reach out via the link above or below, and I’m happy to chat with you guys about any one of your projects. Thanks very much.