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So one of our clients has had a 400% increase in online sales during the COVID-19 lockdown. Stay tuned. Now this client is with the Aus Digital Media website maintenance program, so we do all the maintenance for their websites, all the updates for them each month. Now the client has got about 230 products online, I believe, with more products coming on board on a regular basis, and the website’s been up and running for a few years now. Now this client, I noticed their website going up and up and up during the COVID-19 lockdown. So between the months of February, March, and even into May, they had a steady increase. Now they were doing about 3 or $400 a month, I think, and then it went up to about $1,200, and I think even more, I think about $1,600 a month. Now that’s tapered off a little bit. It’s now July, hitting it to July tomorrow, and it’s tapered off to a steady 400% increase, so it’s about $1,200 a month steady now. And you can see it’s a steady, steady rise. It has tapered off a little bit but that was to be expected as people headed back to work, but it has not plummeted back to where it was before. It’s maintained that steady 400% growth. It was up to about 5 or 600% during the peak, and then it’s tapered off a little bit as people have headed back to work. That’s fantastic, guys. That’s a 400% increase in sales. Now I’m sure the business owner is very, very happy with that and looking forward to even more increasing sales to come. So you can see what’s happened during the COVID-19 lockdown, people have had more time to explore online websites and do online shopping. Now because this website is working very well, it hasn’t got any glitches, the shopping cart works well, the postage system works well, because they are continuing to post items out during the COVID-19 lockdown, they have secured these new clients as regular customers, and those customers haven’t left. Those customers are still shopping now. They’ve only seen a slight dip in the website sales since, well, everyone’s going back to work, and they’ve kept all these customers. So guys, that is a classic case study of you’ve got to have your website up to spec, it’s gotta be working, you’ve gotta be testing your systems because you never know when you’re gonna get customers in and you need to maintain those customers, you need to keep them. Now the client hasn’t really done any marketing. They’ve just got a strong SEO base. All their products are online, all the products have got focus keyword, meta descriptions and so forth, but the client is definitely absent of a marketing campaign. So should they choose to implement a marketing campaign, they will increase their sales even more, and I do advise that for you guys. So whether you run a Shopify website, a WordPress website, or a Wix website, you do need to make sure that it’s humming along perfectly every day because you never know when you’re gonna get people to your website and you need to capture them, you need to make sure that they stay. Guys, if you need any help with your website, reach out via the link above or below and I’m happy to chat with you today. Thanks very much.