10 things you must know to make your website ! BOOM !

Hi, my name is Will Faulkner.

I am the founder of Aus Digital Media, A digital agency in Melbourne, Australia.

Over the last 10 years myself and my team have built dozens of websites for businesses, sporting clubs and private individuals.

Every time we built a new site we learnt something new.
Something that would add little more functionality or polish to the latest site that the previous site did not have.

This meant that over time our website builds have evolved to point where they offer the core functions and services that every website should have.

These core functions are not simple things like being mobile device friendly or having a navigation bar on the top of the page..

Instead they are functions and services that myself and my team have identified as being essential for the user experience and to the success of the website.

In this document I go in depth into the 10 most important must know points that you should consider for your website.

When you read this document you may think that one or two of the points listed here are obvious and you may brush over it thinking “Oh yeah, that’s obvious”.

But the fact of the matter is these important must have points are crucial to the success of your business website so take the time to learn them and implement them into your website.

These 10 points are nuggets of gold that I have learnt the hard way over years and years.

I am giving them to you for FREE !

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