So I get the call the day before.

“Hi Will, do you want to shoot my daughter’s 9th birthday party tomorrow”?

I had a free slot so of course I said yes.

What a great shoot it turned out to be.

Upon inspecting the venue for available light and light color I was delighted to find that the party was being held in an atrium that was flooded with natural light.

And even better it was an overcast day so the light was being diffused by the cloud cover providing a nice white light with soft shadows.

Natural light

I set the camera up with a zoom wide angle lens so I was able to quickly get shots both near and far.

Most shots were taken with an aperture of between 2.8 and 5.6 and to make things easier for myself I set the camera in Aperture priority mode.

I placed a speed light with a mini soft box diffuser atop the camera which was a great way to add a nice white light to the kids.

The theme of the party was “Flouro” so the speed light was bringing out some great colors.


In post production I converted a few images to black and whites with a bit of softening and contrast increase to mix up the gallery for the client.

black and white

Towards the end of the shoot I asked if the family would like to have portrait style group shots done. This is always on my required shot list as even if the client says they dont want them I have had clients after the event say they wish they had done.

I noticed a big yellow couch with a nicely contrasted grey wall as a backdrop. The couch was far enough away from the wall so as not to get to much shadowing behind the faces.

So I set up the speed light on a collapsible tripod of at a 45 degree angle and was able to control it wirelessly with Canon’s brilliant built in radio system.

This provided a nice angled light which is always better for portraits.

Angled light


After a couple of shots it turned into a full blown group portrait session with generations jumping in to be captured together.


At the end of the day it was great fun to shoot this event. Even if my eardrums where a little bruised for a few days after  🙂


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