What a great time the girls had at the Docklands Portrait Party last Sunday.


The 4 lucky girls Fiona, Drina, Sarah Jane and Katie were greeted at the door with an ice bucket of champagne and a cheese platter.

Our assistant for the shoot Patrick did a great job 🙂


After the first drink it was time to get down to hair and make up with a fantastic make up artist Hailey.


Drina was the first to start her images and she looked AMAZING !


After a while we were well and truly in the swing of things with multiple outfit changes and different “Blue steel” looks being thrown around everywhere 🙂


All the images turned out great after only some basic touch up work.

Note the cropping principle used below.

The dimensions are 1 / 1.168 which is the “Golden Ratio” said to be the most attractive rectangle dimensions when seen by the human eye.

Also the rule of thirds principle is then applied on top of that. Which is to have the intersection of one of the lines sit on top of the eye of the model.


So at the end of the day the girls where happy and everyone got to download there complete galleries of high definition images.

To check out the gallery head over here

To find out more about the Aus Digital Media Portrait party’s head over here