So my portrait shoot client today was Pamela.

A beautiful mature lady. Pamela has been modeling for over 20 years and has a large portfolio of work.

Pamela came to the Prahran studio for her shoot and as always I greated Pamela at the door and offered a glass of champagne.

Whilst Pamela sips her drink and relaxes we have a chat and get ready for the shoot.


I had 3 shot’s in mind. A corporate style with a back light and a serious look, A high key white style and a high key white style but shot from above.

Pamela was a little tense and up tight at first, and that’s fair enough, she did come alone. I always recommend bringing a friend. Having a friend on site helps you relax and it also helps me coach better smiles out of you.

Here’s Pamela’s first image 🙁 Not a Mona Lisa smile I’m sure you will agree.



And after a bit of coaching and yes a second glass of champagne this is what I was able to extract.


The corporate image turned out well too 🙂


So at the end of the day both photographer and client were very happy.

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Who’s next in the hot seat 🙂