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Aus Digital Media specializes in digital signage installation and content management.

So what is digital signage?
Think of digital signage as your own private television station where you can play anything you want.

We have impressive digital displays in some of the best locations in town.
Your advertisement will be seen by everyone that passes in front of our display.
Your digital advertisement will have the exclusive rights to your business category.
Think of how fantastic it will be to have your digital advertisement shown to your perfect demographic.
We can even film our advertisement for you.
We offer 1 free basic video filming session with every 3 month package purchased.
Our add prices start from only a few cents per 15 second play !

That’s a huge WIN for your business.

Below is a demo reel video of what our typical digital signage advertising 200 second  minute loop would look like.
So call us at Aus Digital Media today to arrange a free no obligation chat about your digital signage opportunity.

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